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Ball Tutoring FAQS

Ball Tutoring is ready to support your student's educational needs. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

How are your tutors vetted?
Our tutors are all thoroughly vetted employees. They undergo a multi-pronged vetting process that includes degree verification, background checks, and references as well as in person interviews requiring tutors to engage in active teaching. While no one tutor is perfect for every student, we aim to hire tutors with a wide spectrum of teaching styles to support the diverse student population we serve. Most of our tutors come to us by personal referral, and all are responsible, trustworthy people. For liability reasons, we do not allow the tutors to drive students anywhere. If there is a transportation problem, please contact us.

How often should my student meet with his/her tutor?
While custom tutoring allows students to schedule sessions as needed, consistent meetings result in better outcomes.

What can my student do to make the most of the tutoring time?
The single best way to ensure a successful tutoring session is to provide your tutor with information ahead of time. Please let your tutor know what your student wants to review before the tutoring session. Without providing this information, our tutor cannot prepare a lesson plan or bring supplemental materials to aid in student learning. Beyond that, consider what your goals are for tutoring and share those goals with the tutor. A unified team promotes cooperation and mutual understanding. To improve communication, we encourage parents, students and tutors to update one another about expectations and goals at school and at home. Any information that students and their families can obtain from teachers as far as strengths and weaknesses, past assignments and exams, missing assignments, and future projects always helps us assist students with their current workload. The more information we have, the more effectively we can identify and address students' needs.

My student won't fill me in. How can I find out how the tutoring is going?
Tutors are happy to provide updates, however they frequently have other appointments to get to after meeting with your student. The best way to get an update is to contact us for an assessment of how your student's tutoring sessions are going.

Can my student try out a tutor before we commit to paid tutoring sessions.
While we do not offer free in person interviews with tutors, however we always have tutors connect with parents before the first session. During this initial communication, parents are welcome to ask tutors questions and get a sense of whether this candidate is a good fit for your student. Having said that, it can take time to build a successful tutor-student relationship. We encourage our students and families to give the tutor a couple of opportunities to meeting with your student before determining during this introductory period if the tutor is a good fit.

What if my student doesn't like her tutor?
We realize that interpersonal chemistry and compatibility are necessary for a student to feel comfortable with a tutor, which will in turn create an effective working relationship. If you feel this relationship is not achieved, we will provide a new tutor whenever possible. There is no minimum number of sessions required, and therefore you may decide at any time to terminate tutoring services.

How can I reach Ball Tutoring if we are having an issue or need urgent help?
We make every attempt to return emails, texts and phone calls within 24 business hours. Our office is closed on weekends, but we will respond to weekend communication promptly on Mondays. Please call your tutor directly with all scheduling calls, especially cancellations.

What is Ball Tutoring's cancellation policy?
Barring unforeseeable emergencies, cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled session and any "no-shows" will result in a full charge. Our tutors frequently have waiting lists for their time, so please be aware that repeated cancellations will result in the loss of your designated time slot. If you wish, you may switch to a "floating" hour, to be scheduled only as needed, but note that the tutor will need to fit you in around regularly scheduled clients.

What is Ball Tutoring's billing process?
You may pay your invoices online or you can keep your credit card on file for autopay. Invoices can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. We do not accept checks. Please note that tutoring services are subject to interruption or termination based on lack of payment.

Does Ball Tutoring have tutoring session time limit?
Tutoring sessions are a minimum of 1-hour for in-person sessions. Beyond an hour, we bill in 5-minute increments. Please note that if your child is not ready to begin tutoring when the tutor arrives and the session is scheduled to start, we will bill you for any wait time. If the tutor is late, they will only charge for the time he or she spent tutoring, even if the session is for fewer than 60 minutes. In order to provide our clients with the best service possible, we offer several billable options in addition to the standard 60- or 90-minute tutoring session.

Many families elect to pay for some of the following services, billable rounded to the nearest fifteen-minute increments at the same hourly rate:

  • Overtime Tutoring (when a tutor stays past the scheduled time slot)
  • Extended Conversations/Calls/Emails with Parents, Students, and Teachers which Exceed Ten Minutes
  • Editing Time between Sessions for Papers and Long-Term Projects

We encourage you to maintain open communication with your child's tutor regarding your decision to authorize or pass on any of these options.

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Thank you for your interest in Ball Tutoring. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. We look forward to providing your student with the very best in educational assistance.