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Finals During a Pandemic? You Got This

Erick Caldazilla

Erick tutors math, including statistics, as well as Spanish

It is understandable that many students during this time are having difficulty studying and have mostly checked out. We’re in unprecedented times and studying truly isn’t the most pressing thing for most people. But even so we have responsibilities that we must continue to do during these times. Studying is one of them for students.

Studying for large amounts of time is always difficult but especially when we have been stuck inside for the most part. What I have found to be most useful during this time is to study in short intervals of an hour or however long you like it (anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours) and then doing something that you enjoy like walking your dog around the neighborhood. Try baking something or watching an episode of a show you want to see and then continue again.

The best tip for anything you do is practice, practice, practice. Time is easy to waste these days so making a schedule for yourself is another solid way to allow yourself the ability to study. We all get burnt out eventually right now, so be sure to add breaks into your schedule.

Just do your best because no one actually knows what to do right now. Nobody has experienced this so whatever you do can’t be right or wrong as long as you try your best.

Customized Tutoring = Results

We provide private tutoring sessions tailored for each student. This approach provides the most effective support possible. With customized tutoring, our students learn exactly what they need, no more and no less. We are ready to help your student in multiple subjects, including:
  • Science
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • History
  • Study Skills
  • And More

Developing the Proper Plan

We realize that students learn best from tutors they have compatibility with, and that's why we have initial conversations to find an ideal match. The consultation covers the student's academic history, study habits, extracurricular pursuits, and personality. These are crucial considerations into find the perfect fit between student and tutor. Once we've settled upon the best tutor for your student, the tutor then meets with your child and develops a personalized, specific subject tutoring plan. This plan is based the student's immediate as well as long term academic needs.

Academic coaching

Our tutors often find that students can benefit from guidance with time management, study skills, and organization. That is why we offer this as a stand-alone option. Our tutors assess the student's entire academic life, from notebooks/backpack/desk organization to calendaring systems and note taking. The tutor and student then create a schedule to manage homework and test preparation. Time management support and a customized tutoring program give the students confidence and skills they will use throughout the school year and beyond. If you wish to learn more, please reach out, and we'll be happy to elaborate.

Subject Tutoring

Beneficial Independent Study Support

Not every student is the same; some flourish in a traditional school setting, while others are more suited to independent study. At Ball Tutoring, that's why we oversee home school programs through accredited distance learning institutions. We want to assist students in need of academic support throughout the school year. Our independent study support provides a tutor and liaison between the accredited institution and the student. We provide curriculum guidance, teaching, and exam administration while ensuring all work is completed on time. We are available for study support at the student's home, our office, or another location, depending on the situation.

Independent Study Support

Independent study is effective for:
  • Student athletes or artists studying around training/performances
  • Students retaking a course for a higher GPA
  • Students needing credits for a new school
  • Students on medical leave

A Focused Study Approach

We find that our homeschooling tutors work most effectively with students between four to six hours per week, per subject. This can vary due to the skills, motivation, and focus of the student, as well as the course load. Reach out to us and learn more about how we can make your student's home school experience successful.